"The Monday Slog"
with Todd Mills & The Mighty Rickster
Mondays from 7-10pm


Hi and welcome to  HomeGrownRadioNJ


HomeGrownRadioNJ came about out of a necessity for expression. I discovered radio quite by accident. A friend got a slot on a local station and asked me to sit in on his first show. I did. I never left. I was hooked. I'm a third generation ham, I'd found my home. We became an on air duo... of sorts. Eventually he had had enough. I was thrust into a solo role. Soon that too came to an abrupt end. I still wanted to do my show... so... I gathered a group of enthusiastic folks around me and announced, "I'm starting a radio station"... "Great"... "Cool"... "What can I do"...  We did quite a bit and at last arrived at our destination.  We all hope we can offer a different take on the radio world. We hope to air programs of interest, good music, and special events in the future. We're just getting started, so stick around for all the good stuff to come. Thanks for taking the time to join us.


We hope to become a habit!!!