"Underground Railroad"

with Stu Robins
Saturdays from 2pm-6pm


The Underground Railroad was set up at the tail end of the 18th century as a vehicle for transporting slaves from the tyranny of the southern plantation owners to refuge in the north and Canada.  It was actually a vast network of white and black individuals who operated on a local level and were somewhat unaware of the Underground Railroad as a nationwide operation.  The term, Underground Railroad, was coined circa 1831, amidst a 40 year time period that sprung an estimated 100,000 slaves and effectively gave them their freedom. 

So, the real Underground Railroad lies dormant in our minds and our history books, but the idea is anything but dead.  It is alive and well and can be found in the vast recesses of what has become known as the internet.  Yours truly, Stu Robins, has taken hold of an eclectic format of music that could be likened to a vast resource of magma awaiting its release through the giant crater of a volcano.  And the arteries that it flows through are what I have now adapted to an unforgettable avenue that is now dubbed “The Underground Railroad.”  Fifty years of rock and roll spawns a resume dwarfed by nothing of its kind in history.  This is the core of what I do on Saturday afternoons,  bringing to my listeners this wide array of, sometimes, “forgotten” music, making whistle stops across this virtual time warp and acknowledging the present as well as remembering the great ones past.    

So, sit back and enjoy the ride that takes us to a freer place.  A place where the everyday restrictions of radio are no longer enforced.  Nobody knows ahead of time what stops we will make on this line.  Tune in, keep an open mind and enjoy the trip….