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"The Perfumed Garden" was originally the title of a sixteenth century Tunisian sex manual that devoted an entire chapter to "The Sundry Names Given to the Sexual Parts of Man," of which "the expectorant," "the one-eyed," "the odd headed" and "the extinguisher of passion" are a few of the more colorful ones. But that's not why I chose the name.

For three months in the Spring of 1967 in Swinging London, a young disk jockey by the name of John Peel did an overnight radio show on a pirate radio station called Radio London aboard a ship off the coast of Essex. He called his program "The Perfumed Garden" and was among the first to champion adventurous, underground, psychedelic music by the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, T. Rex, Velvet Underground, Traffic, The Dead and numerous other fledgling artists who have since become household names. After the British government shut down the pirate stations, Peel joined the BBC, where he continued to champion new, unusual, and independent artists until his untimely death on October 25, 2004. One of my favorite Peel quotes: "Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don't have any surface noise. I said, 'Listen, mate, life has surface noise.'"

In my many years of jockeying disks, I have always yearned to be able to help bring little or unknown artists to a wider audience; the premise being that folks might like to step outside the MTV-fed fodder and journalistic (hype)rventilations masquerading as best sellers. You know what I mean: the Quantity (number of units sold) = Quality (so they must be great) mentality. John Peel rose above that. So, in tribute to my favorite DJ and biggest inspiration, I've decided to respectfully borrow the title of his show as my own.


I also recently discovered that one of my favourite singer/songwriters, Nick Drake's first band was called The Perfumed Gardeners. That clinched it for me!

Each week, we'll dip into rock and roll's illustrious history and bring you some of my favorite selections from the sixties to the "naught"ies. For those of you who don't think that "classic rock" is all that bad, we'll feature some recognizable names that you probably have buried in the secret "guilty pleasure" section of your record collection down in the basement. We'll listen to psychedelic treasures, prog monsters, lost AM-radio faves and new stuff from artists you may never have heard of, but we'll check them out together and maybe discover some new favorites. We'll also travel back in time to celebrate the birthdays and death anniversaries of the week.


And for more information about my insane lifestyle, check out my Site for Sore Eyes.

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January 3 Billie Holiday Turns 100 July 18 October 24
January 10 April 18 July 25 Happy Halloween!
January 17 - Kim Fowley RIP/
Francoise Hardy Birthday Tribute
April 25 - 100th Anniversary
August 1 November 7
January 24 - Mark Kozelek Birthday Tribute May 2 August 8
(HGRNJ's 17,000th Show!)
November 14
January 31 Happy Mother's Day! August 15 November 21
February 7 May 16 August 22 Go Ask Alice Special
Valentine's Day Love Songs May 23 August 29 December 5
February 21 Joan of Arc's Feast Day
Pt 1
/ Pt 2
September 5 Sinatra @ 100
Un-Birthday/Hidden Tracks Special June 6 September 12 December 19
March 7 June 13 September 19 December 26
March 14 6/20-Catholic Girls Visit! September 26  
March 21 June 27 October 3
March 28 4th of July - Songs of the 50 States October 10
(John Lennon's 75th Birthday)

April 4

July 11 October 17


1414 March 15 Dylan's 73rd Birthday July 26 September 27 Nick Drake Special / Perfumed Garden 10th Anniversary Special (Pt1 / Pt2)
January 11 March 22 May 31 August 2 - The Moon Show October 4 - Janis Joplin OD'd 44 years ago today
January 18 March 29 June 7 August 9 - Jerry Garcia died 19 years ago today October 11 December 3
January 25 April 5 June 14 Woodstock @ 45 October 18 - Chuck Berry Turns Rockin' 88 Today! 12/13/14
February 1 April 19 June 21 - 1 
June 21 - 2
August 23 October 25 - 10th Anniversary of John Peel's Death / Jack Bruce died today Merry Christmas
February 8 April 26 - The Catholic Girls visit June 28 August 30 - John Peel's 75th Birthday Special November 1 - All Saints Day December 27
February 15 May 3 July 5 September 6 November 8
February 29 May 10 July 12 September 13 November 15
March 8 May 17 July 19 September 20 - Leonard Cohen 80th Birthday Special November 22










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