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Jay K & The Ghost, the minds behind the "Horror Happens Radio Show" & Productions (2014 Rondo Award Nominee/Vote at

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Re-broadcasted on every Thursday from 6-11 PM EST & every Friday at 10 PM WST.

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What guests are saying about being on the Horror Happens Radio Show....

"The Horror Happens Radio Show was a great pleasure, with insightful questions and a good atmosphere. Jay Horrorhappens Kay is truly the Charlie Rose of horror."
-- Director "Baggage" Jeremiah Kipp


"For me, the measure of a good interview is, does it get you thinking and talking about things you don't usually consider.  Do they illuminate good, meaningful corners of your life and work.  This one did exactly that.  I'd do it again in a minute."
 -- Jack Ketchum (Best selling author of "The Woman", "The Girl Next Door" & "Red")


“Thank you for having a radio show that features truly independent filmmakers. I'd be dead in the water if people like you didn’t exist.”
Marcus Koch: Director of the films Fell, ROT & 100 Tears

For More Guest Testimonies, head over to!2014-guest-testaments-/c1qs2

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