"Classic Rock For The Soul"

with Chris & Debbie Vilage and Eric T.
Saturdays from 7pm-10pm

Hi everyone, I am Chris Vilage and I hope to turn you on to some great old classic rock, though the show isn't just classic rock... You will also hear progressive rock, southern rock, blues, hair bands, soft rock, and new rock.


I have been DJing in the clubs for about 7 years now and I am very excited to be part of HomeGrownRadio! I am also an animal lover and have had many great cats over the years. I love the Summer so much!! A bright sunny summer day.. a tall glass of iced tea... and I am a happy camper... Well, maybe a beer or two!!!!

My saying....."It's All Good"!

Also hanging out with me and my sister Debbie is Eric T. Eric always has some great music lined up for you. Together we work as team and will always play any request you guys wanna hear. So check out our show and have some fun with us.

Thanks for listening to HomeGrownRadioNJ. I love all of my listeners and the crew from the station, everyone is absolutely wonderful!