"Sunday Evening Sinewaves"

with Darren Bergstein

Sundays from 6pm-9pm 

Sunday Evening Sinewaves focuses on electronic, experimental, avant-garde, and unclassifiable music of all stripes. Playlists will fluctuate with wild abandon and variety, crisscrossing categories and styles while ignoring boundaries, drawing on the colorful history, symbiotic technologies, and ongoing sub-genres that are integral to electronica and its soundmakers. The program encompasses a wide range of presentations, special programming, in-studio live performances, and on-air interviews with artists, label-heads, and the many adjunct provocateurs operating throughout the field. I've always approached music as texture and nuance, basically having my synapses blown apart by Tangerine Dream's Phaedra LP, which has led to a lifelong obsession with that elusive synthesized sweet spot betwixt the circuits. Sunday Evening Sinewaves will be proffering much in the way of immersive sound and vision, mashing genre, soldering connections between eras, exploring distances minimal and maximal...in short, singing the body electric.

Myself? Involved with electronic music in numerous capacities for over four decades, out of necessity I function as a multi-hyphenate: a performing soundscapist, historian, archivist, music collector, writer, editor, publisher, event organizer, and concert promoter. I've published two well-regarded magazines between the years 1989 and 2006—i/e, and its successor, e/i—and have contributed to others (including Resonance, Signal to Noise, Willamette Week, The New York Times' Sun Journal, The Squid's Ear, and Perfect Sound Forever, amongst many), as well as own and administer two specialty CD labels, Periphery and Anodize, both dedicated to releasing music of electronic/unusual natures and otherwise. Since 2009, I curated the One Thousand Pulses concert series, which hosted regular events for electronic and experimental music in the Northeast area, as well as large scale festivals in New York City, Hackensack, NJ, and Philadelphia. Keep on keepin' on...

Contact me here: thousandpulses@verizon.net

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