Internet Radio: .wav of the Future!

Pump Homegrown Radio into your Home Stereo! It's easy!

Connect this device to a USB port on your PC and tune your FM Stereo to Homegrown Radio! Click here for details!
No kidding... with a WiFi Signal Locator, you can pickup Homegrown Radio during your drivetime commute! Click here to see it...


In addition, it's not that hard - with some simple cables you can buy at your local RadioShack - to run an audio line from the back of your PC to your home stereo.

  • standard Stereo Mini to Dual RCA Y cable
  • 2 "bullets" (RCA connectors or female to female jumpers)
  • a real long stereo RCA cable

Plug the mini end into the line out of your PC
Connect the bullets to the RCA end
Connect the long RCA cable to the bullets
Connect the other end of the long RCA cable to an input on the back of your stereo (Aux, CD or Tape Play will do fine)

Set your stereo input selector to Aux, CD, or Tape In

Turn up the VOLUME!




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